Kettlebell Sport and High Performance

  • Kettlebell Sport & High Performance - this will be a more demanding class tailored to athletes and experienced lifters. You’ll be challenging yourself in a well-rounded way as the sport requires high levels of cardiovascular endurance, mobility, explosiveness and mental focus.

While kettlebells are commonly seen in most gyms, not everybody knows how to use this powerful tool to its full potential.

Learn, explore and challenge yourself with the three different kettlebell classes we have to offer, led by one of the pioneers of the kettlebell scene in Asia, Muk Venkataraman:

In the past decade as a coach and kettlebell lifter, Muk has travelled to Russia on numerous occasions to train with world-class coaches. He has also competed in events such as the 2012 European Championships, where he won the silver medal. Now a full-time kettlebell coach, Muk has his eye set on helping people to get into the absolute best shape of their life while becoming better movers.